Energy Ambassadors Programme (EAP) 2021

29 Oct 2021

      Eleven students have been appointed as energy sector advocates under the second run of the Energy Ambassadors Programme (EAP), aimed at encouraging youth-to-youth advocacy for the energy sector. The list of appointed ambassadors can be found in Annex A.

2      Launched in 2018, the EAP is part of the Energy Market Authority (EMA)’s efforts to nurture youths who are passionate about energy-related issues and are keen to contribute to the energy sector. Appointed ambassadors will serve a term of two years. Eight Energy Ambassadors appointed in 2018 have completed their term.

Eligibility Criteria

3      The EAP is open to Singaporeans currently studying at local Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs). They would also need to meet the following criteria:

  • Possess a strong passion for the energy sector and have a keen interest in joining the sector after graduation
  • Demonstrate strong communication skills
  • Preferably pursuing or intending to pursue relevant engineering courses

Application Process

4      EMA works closely with IHLs, ranging from Institutes of Technical Education (ITE), polytechnics to universities, to identify suitable candidates for the EAP. Students may sign up or be nominated by their educators for the role of an Energy Ambassador. The application period for EAP 2021 opened on 1 July 2021 and closed on 30 August 2021.

What the Programme Entails

5      As part of their two-year term, Energy Ambassadors can look forward to participating and serving as advocates in a series of sector-wide outreach events, which are organised to share the latest developments in the energy sector with students. These events include Youth@SIEW (youth segment of Singapore International Energy Week) and Powering Lives Trails (learning journeys). (See Annex B for examples of these activities and events under the EAP.)

6      In addition, Energy Ambassadors will be invited to attend training sessions conducted by EMA to deepen their understanding of the energy sector. They can also kick-start activities to engage their peers on energy-related issues, such as organising energy events within their schools or initiating energy projects based on their areas of interest.

7      Through this programme, Energy Ambassadors can also expect to:

  • Receive opportunities to network with industry leaders in the energy sector through closed-door events;
  • Gain insights into the developments of the energy sector including emerging trends and technologies; and
  • Enjoy a head-start in finding out if the energy sector could be their choice career.

8      Energy Ambassadors who participate in at least five outreach events during their two-year term will receive Certificates of Appreciation to recognise their contributions towards the EAP.

9      Visit for more information on the EAP.

Annex A: List of Energy Ambassadors appointed in 2021
Annex B: Past activities and projects undertaken by the first batch of Energy Ambassadors, and their thoughts on the EAP


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