Request for Information on Exploration of Geothermal Energy Potential Across Singapore

20 Apr 2022

The Energy Market Authority (EMA) issued a Request for Information (RFI) to facilitate a geophysical investigation project to assess the geothermal energy potential across Singapore. The RFI for the geophysical investigation seeks possible approaches, methodologies and execution details in carrying out the geothermal potential assessment, in preparation for the launch of a Request for Proposal (RFP) to assess the viability and scalability of deploying geothermal systems in Singapore.

2. Advances in technology such as Advanced Geothermal Systems have enabled the extraction of heat from hot dry rock, and at greater depths. This has opened up the possibility of geothermal applications locally as Singapore is sited within a region of high subsurface heat flow, with a possibility of quality geothermal resources at greater depths. If found to have substantial geothermal resource potential, Singapore could consider the technology options available to deploy geothermal energy locally.

3. The planned geophysical investigation project will complement ongoing exploratory studies in the northern and eastern parts of Singapore, in providing a more comprehensive assessment of the geothermal potential across the whole of Singapore and suitable deployment locations. Subsequent to the RFI, EMA will develop and launch a RFP to assess the viability and scalability of deploying geothermal systems in Singapore.

4. Low carbon alternatives such as geothermal energy is the fourth 'switch' of Singapore’s Energy Transition, which seeks to decarbonise our power sector for a more sustainable and secure energy future. The other three switches are harnessing solar energy, developing regional power grids for the import of low carbon electricity, and using natural gas as the transitional fuel for power generation. More information about Singapore’s Energy Transition can be found at

5. Interested parties in the RFI are to send their submissions by 20 May 2022, 11.59pm to EMA. More details on the RFI are available online at


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