How U-Save Rebates are Used to Offset Power Bills

29 Jul 2019

Mr Lee Teck Kiang in his letter (U-Save rebates unused after switch, July 19) asked about the U-Save rebate disbursement process after switching to a retailer in the Open Electricity Market.

Consumers can continue to use their U-Save rebates to offset their electricity charges after they have switched to a retailer.
For consumers who are billed directly by their retailer, the U-Save rebates will first be used to offset their non-electricity charges (water, gas and refuse collection) with SP Group.

The amount of U-Save rebates remaining will then be used to offset their electricity charges.

However, depending on the timing of the electricity bill and payment arrangement with the retailer, consumers may pay their electricity bills before the remaining U-Save rebates are used. This was the case for Mr Lee.

The Energy Market Authority (EMA) and Sembcorp Power have since contacted Mr Lee and resolved the matter.

Consumers who have a similar experience can contact their retailer to make the appropriate adjustment to their electricity bill payment arrangement to utilise their U-Save rebates.
In the meantime, EMA is working with SP Group and retailers to explore other ways to make the U-Save disbursement process for electricity charges smoother.

Dorcas Tan (Ms)
Market Development and Surveillance Department
Energy Market Authority

U-Save Rebate Unused after Switch - Lee Teck Kiang
19 July 2019

When the Open Electricity Market was launched, consumers were assured that they would continue to enjoy U-Save rebates should they choose to switch electricity retailers. It was with this assurance that I switched to Sembcorp Power last year. To date, I have not seen any U-Save rebate being  used to offset my electricity bills.

After deducting for other utility charges, my U-Save rebates sit unutilized in my SP Services account. When contacted, Sembcorp Power and SP Services put the blame on each other, with no solution offered. Clearly, there are kinks in the system which have yet to be ironed out. The public should be properly informed as this may affect their decision to switch electricity retailers.


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