No need to replace circuit breaker if it works

24 May 2023

We refer to Mr Teo Kok Seah’s letter on the requirement to have a residual current circuit breaker (RCCB) installed (Do present circuit breakers need to be replaced by new ones?, May 19).

To enhance electrical safety in all households, from July 1, 2023, all residential premises without a circuit breaker will be required to install an RCCB. All home owners will be given a grace period of two years, till July 1, 2025, to do so.

Home owners with an earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) do not need to change it. Both the RCCB and ELCB are electrical safety devices that cut off the electricity supply immediately upon detecting leakages that may result in an electric shock.

Home owners with RCCBs or ELCBs are advised to test that their circuit breaker is in working condition using a three-step test ( This is to ensure that the circuit breaker is functional and protects all electrical circuits in the home.

If the circuit breaker is not working, home owners can engage a licensed electrical worker at to replace the circuit breaker.

Yeo Cheng Hee
Acting Director, Inspectorate Department
Energy Market Authority

Do present circuit breakers need to be replaced by new ones?
By: Teo Kok Seah

The Energy Market Authority (EMA) has mandated the installation of residual current circuit breakers (RCCBs) in homes (HDB and private homes must have a circuit breaker by July 1, 2025, May 13).

There are still homes with earth leakage circuit breakers (ELCBs). Both RCCBs and ELCBs achieve the same purpose of protecting building occupants from earth faults or leakages, although they operate differently. Is there then a need to replace ELCBs with RCCBs?

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