Launched in 2013, the Singapore Energy Award (SEA) is a biennial award that aims to recognise organisations and individuals who made significant contributions to Singapore’s energy sector*, in the areas of capabilities development and/or innovation.

Now into its fourth edition, the SEA will also be introducing a brand new category specifically for Youths - to spur our youths of today to be more involved, and also to recognise their efforts in making an impact in the energy arena.

*The energy sector includes, but is not limited to, the established power utilities and oil and gas sectors, as well as emerging sectors such as energy efficiency and clean and renewable energy.


Award Categories

There are 4 award categories for SEA 2019:
•   Youths (NEW) - Recognises outstanding youths (35 years and below) for their overall contributions to Singapore’s energy sector.
•   Capabilities Development (for organisations) - Recognises outstanding organisations that have demonstrated strong and sustained efforts in nurturing a competitive, workforce with the relevant skillsets for Singapore’s energy sector.
•   Innovation (for individuals) - Recognises outstanding individuals for their specific and sustained contributions to drive technological and business innovations in Singapore’s energy sector.
•   Contributions to the Energy Sector (for both organisations and individuals) - Recognises outstanding individuals and organisations for their overall contributions to Singapore’s energy sector.



We welcome nominations from:
•   Organisations (public and private sector);
•   Educational and research institutions; and
•   Individuals (e.g. entrepreneurs and professionals from the energy sector).


Assessment Criteria

All nominations will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
1.   Establishing benchmarks and/or models in growing relevant talent pool and/or enabling research translation;
2.   Exhibiting outstanding leadership and governance in driving manpower efforts and enabling research translation that benefits Singapore’s energy landscape;
3.   Sharing knowledge that benefits industry stakeholders and/or wider society; and
4.   Demonstrating successful implementation, taking into account scalability and sustainability of manpower initiative(s)/research outcome(s).


Nomination Period

SEA 2019 is open for nominations from 31 October 2018 to 8 May* 2019. The nomination form can be found here
*We have provided an extension to the closing date.

Nominations forms can be submitted via the following methods:

a)   Email:


b)   Post:
      The Singapore Energy Award Secretariat
      Energy Market Authority
      991G Alexandra Road
      Singapore 119975

 *Only shortlisted nominations will be notified. EMA reserves the right not to disclose the reasons for not shortlisting any nomination.

Info and Contact

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