About the Consumer Satisfaction Survey

The Energy Market Authority (EMA) conducts a Consumer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) on an ongoing basis to better understand consumers’ experiences in the Open Electricity Market (OEM) and their level of satisfaction with their retailer. Through this survey, consumers can provide feedback on areas such as their switching experience and level of satisfaction towards their retailer’s services.

Residential consumers who have switched for at least three months[1] will receive an invitation to participate in the CSS.

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Retailer Ratings

To help residential consumers make a more informed decision when choosing a retailer, EMA has introduced a customer satisfaction rating for each retailer. This is done using a 5-point rating scale (5 stars being the highest level of satisfaction achieved) based on the CSS responses of their contracted consumers. Consumers can consider these ratings when deciding on their choice of retailer.

For the latest ratings as of April 2021, visit the Open Electricity Market website.

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[1] The lead time of at least three months is to ensure consumers have sufficient experience with their retailer post-contracting to provide a fair rating.

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