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Our Energy Story


Discover how the Singapore Energy Story sets the vision towards a net-zero energy future.

Energy Supply

Gain insights into the four switches that power Singapore’s economy and our daily lives.

Energy Demand

Discover ways to enhance energy efficiency and lower your carbon footprint.

Energy Grid

Explore how EMA ensures a reliable and secure energy supply for everyone.

Energy Market Landscape

Learn about the intricacies of Singapore’s energy market structure and operations.

Consumer Information


Get tips on buying electricity and protecting your family from electrical hazards.


Learn about purchasing gas and safeguarding your family against gas hazards.


Access information on installing solar panels at your home and selling excess electricity to the national grid.

Regulations & Licences


Stay up-to-date with the latest regulations, policies and frameworks governing the energy sector.


Learn about the licences that EMA issues to different stakeholders in the energy sector.

Regulatory Publications

Read about the Codes of Practice and Circulars that EMA publishes to regulate the energy sector.


Calls for Proposal

Collaborate with EMA in co-creating innovative solutions for the energy sector.


Give your comments and feedback on EMA’s policies and regulations.

R&D Partnerships

Discover how EMA works with stakeholders to catalyse new and innovative digital technologies.

Talent Development

Learn about EMA’s efforts in nurturing talent and cultivate interest in the energy sector.

Welcome to EMA's website. We would love to have your valuable feedback.

Be part of EMA's team as we champion a range of exciting projects to sustain Singapore's vibrant energy landscape.

The energy industry is a vibrant and growing sector. The transition towards cleaner energy presents exciting career opportunities in emerging areas such as solar, energy storage systems, smart grids and electricity imports.

From ensuring a reliable energy supply, promoting a competitive energy market, and catalysing innovation in a dynamic energy industry, we are looking for individuals who share our vision of “Our Clean Energy Future: Resilient, Sustainable, Competitive”.

Go Beyond With Us

At EMA, we invite you to go beyond and take a transformative adventure to shape the future of Singapore's energy landscape.

Drive real impact as you contribute directly to building and driving Singapore’s Energy Ecosystem through change and innovation.

Be part of a transformative journey where you will experience a unique adventure of discovery and growth towards a clean energy future.

We Empower You

We foster diverse teams that trust, support and inspire one another.

At EMA, we provide an environment where innovation is enabled at every level. You will have the opportunity to initiate new ideas, experimentation, and ground-up innovation with autonomy.

You will thrive in an open culture that embraces different perspectives to push beyond status quo.

We Energise Your Growth

We are dedicated to empowering you to become an expert in your field and an asset to the future of clean energy.

At EMA, we enable you to become a champion and lead in your domain expertise.

We co-create your growth and shape your personal and professional development to chart your career in the energy sector.

We Care for You

We prioritise caring for you by providing a comprehensive package for your well-being.