Earthworks Contractors

Singapore has a reliable supply of electricity, among the best in the world. EMA regulates the electricity and piped natural gas sectors and is committed to maintaining the country’s high standards for the delivery of electricity to consumers. A large part of this involves ensuring that earthworks are done in a way that avoids damaging electricity cables and affecting supply to consumers.

Under the Electricity Act (Chapter 89A), contractors are required to obtain electricity cable plans from SP PowerGrid Ltd (SPPG) and engage a Licensed Cable Detection Worker (LCDW) to ascertain the location of high voltage electricity cables in the work area before starting earthworks. Contractors should submit the Notification for Commencement of Earthworks (NCE) to SPPG at least seven calendar days before they commence earthworks in the vicinity of any high voltage electricity cables. Upon receiving such notification, SPPG will issue a Letter of Requirements (LRe) for earthworks. All contractors are required to comply with SPPG’s LRe.

From 1 Apr 2018, EMA and SPPG have implemented the Registered Earthworks Supervisor (RES) scheme to enhance cable / gas pipeline damage prevention. The RES scheme aims to ensure site supervisors are competent in cable / gas pipeline damage prevention measures, and adhere to them as required under SPPG's LRe. Only site supervisors who have passed the RES course, and are registered as a RES with SPPG, will be allowed to supervise worksites in the vicinity of high voltage cables and medium/high pressure gas pipelines. Any non-compliance with SPPG's LRe would result in demerit points being given to the RES. The RES will have his registration pass suspended or revoked if his total number of demerit points exceeds a specified threshold.

Beside complying with the requirements stipulated under the Electricity Act and SPPG's LRe, contractors are also strongly encouraged to refer to SS576:2012 (Code of Practice for Earthworks in the Vicinity of Electricity Cables) as a guide to best practices for earthworks near underground electricity cables to prevent cable damages. You may purchase a copy of the code of practice online

According to Section 85(1)(a) of the Electricity Act (Chapter 89A), any person who removes, destroys or damages any electrical plant or electricity cable which is part of a transmission system that belongs to or under the management or control of an electricity licensee shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $1 million or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 years or to both.

EMA will investigate all cable damage incidents and take firm action against parties who contravene Section 85 of the Electricity Act.

The table below shows the list of earthwork contractors who have been charged and convicted in Court since 1 Jan 2013.

Date Convicted Company/Contractor Location of High Voltage Electricity Cable Damage Date of High Voltage Electricity Cable Damage
16 Nov 2018 Aik Leong Plumbing Construction Pte Ltd At the junction of Tuas Avenue 9 and Tuas Avenue 6 31 Mar 2016
26 Sep 2018 Chip Yew Construction Pte Ltd Along Jurong Island Highway near Lamp Pole 178 17 Dec 2015
23 Jul 2018 United Power Enterprise Pte Ltd Along Upper Thomson Road near Lamp Pole 58 17 Apr 2014
13 Jul 2018 Ban Tiong Soon Contractor Pte Ltd Whitley Road between Lamp Pole 42 – Lamp Pole 40/1 24 Apr 2017
22 Jun 2018 Chin Kuan Engineering and Contractors Pte Ltd Near Block 440A at Clementi Avenue 3 11 Feb 2017
08 Jun 2018 Jin Choon Civil Engineering Pte Ltd Pasir Panjang Road near Lamp Pole 120 26 Aug 2016
27 Apr 2018 Tecivil Engineering Pte Ltd Tuas South Ave 3 near Lamp Pole 33A 24 May 2016
29 Mar 2018 Win Shin Engineering Pte Ltd Sembawang Vista / Canberra Road (near Lamp Pole 22) 17 Nov 2014
16 Mar 2018 Lim Hang Chung Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd Upper Bukit Timah Road near Lamp Post No. 171 19 Aug 2016
09 Feb 2018 Ohin Construction Co. Pte Ltd At the side-table of Bishan Street 13 and Bishan Street 14 14 Mar 2016
19 Jan 2018 Hon Industries Pte. Ltd. No. 1 Jalan Papan opposite Lamp Pole 2 20 Sep 2015
19 Jan 2018 Join Ages Construction Pte Ltd Tuas Avenue 1 near Lamp Pole 33 26 Apr 2016
24 Nov 2017 Quek Hock Seng Construction (Pte) Ltd No. 21 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh 23 Dec 2015
03 Nov 2017 Shimizu Corporation Pioneer Road opposite Lamp Pole 151 04 Jan 2016
13 Oct 2017 Chan & Chan Engineering Pte. Ltd. Upper Bukit Timah Road near Lamp Pole No. T163 27 Jan 2016
13 Oct 2017 Leong Hin Seng Civil Engineering Pte Ltd Near Ghim Moh Road beside Block 10 01 Dec 2014
13 Oct 2017 Geomotion (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. F.K.A. Geols Pte Ltd Bukit Batok East Avenue 3 near Lamp Pole 81 05 Jun 2015
06 Oct 2017 AHA T&D Pte. Ltd. F.K.A. Hi Power Engineering Pte. Ltd. Upper Serangoon Road near Lamp Pole 166 17 Sep 2016
06 Oct 2017 AHA T&D Pte. Ltd. F.K.A. Hi Power Engineering Pte. Ltd. Tampines Road near Lamp Pole 187 05 Feb 2015
06 Oct 2017 AHA T&D Pte. Ltd. F.K.A. Hi Power Engineering Pte. Ltd. One North Crescent near Lamp Pole 9AF 26 Nov 2014
29 Sep 2017 Greenbuild Geotechnic Pte. Ltd. Keng Lee Road near Lamp Pole 22 07 Oct 2015
29 Sep 2017 Integrate Engineers Pte. Ltd. Jurong East Ave 1 near Lamp Pole 79 29 Jun 2016
19 Dec 2014 Tuksu Engineering & Construction Ltd (Singapore Branch) Kampong Bahru Road near Lamp Pole 80/1 04 Oct 2013
12 Sep 2014 HSC Pipeline Engineering Pte Ltd Compassvale Street near Lamp Pole No.1-1 29 Aug 2013
13 Jun 2014 Rock & Lab Pte Ltd In front of No.119 Genting Lane 04 Dec 2012
25 Apr 2014 Weng Guan Technology Pte Ltd Upper Thomson Road, near Lamp Pole 328 12 Apr 2013
29 Nov 2013 Samsung C&T Corporation Car park inside Singapore LNG Corporation Pte Ltd, Terminal at Meranti View, Jurong Island 17 Feb 2013
17 Oct 2013 Koh Kock Leong Enterprise Pte Ltd Junction of Cross Street and Cecil Street 06 Feb 2010
17 Oct 2013 Koh Kock Leong Enterprise Pte Ltd Block 620 Bedok Reservoir Road 07 Mar 2012
27 Sep 2013 Soil Investigation Pte Ltd Yishun Central, near Lamp Pole 1 01 Oct 2012
20 Sep 2013 Array Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd Choa Chu Kang Central, in front of Block 218 04 Aug 2012
20 Sep 2013 Sembawang Engineers and Constructors Pte Ltd Junction of Bukit Timah Road and Evans Road 15 Mar 2012
30 Aug 2013 Evergreen Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd No. 37A Tampines St 93 27 Jun 2011
23 Aug 2013 Broadley Construction Pte Ltd Pasir Ris Street 51 by Pasir Ris Drive 1 19 May 2012
19 Aug 2013 Acacia Engineering Pte Ltd West Coast Drive, near Lamp Pole 16 04 Nov 2011
05 Jul 2013 ULT Corporation Pte Ltd Gerald Drive, near Lamp Pole 32 19 Jul 2012
21 Jun 2013 Zap Piling Pte Ltd Woodlands Road opposite Lamp Pole No. T15/1 27 Oct 2011
16 May 2013 Swee Hong Engineering Construction Pte Ltd Sussex Garden, in front of the Brompton Substation 08 Dec 2009
23 Apr 2013 Ringo Civil Engineering Pte Ltd Tuas Road, near Lamp Post 22/1 23 Mar 2012
19 Apr 2013 Hexagroup Pte Ltd No. 204, Bedok South Road 28 Mar 2012
25 Jan 2013 Songcheon Engineering Pte Ltd 356 Alexandra Road 01 Sep 2009

Consumers who are affected by cable damage incidents may wish to seek independent legal advice for any losses and damages that they may have suffered. They should do this before deciding if they want to pursue further legal action against the contractors.

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