Residential Consumers

Since the introduction of the Open Electricity Market (OEM) in 2018, residential consumers are able to enjoy more choices and flexibility when buying electricity.

Buy at the Regulated Tariff

Default option for residential consumers prior to the introduction of OEM

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Buy from an Electricity Retailer

At a price plan that best meets your needs

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Buy from the Wholesale Electricity Market

At half-hourly wholesale electricity prices via SP Group

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Regardless of who consumers buy electricity from, the electricity supply will remain the same. This is because SP Group will continue to operate the national power grid and deliver electricity to everyone.

Advisory for Residential Consumers Buying from the Wholesale Electricity Market

Wholesale electricity market prices fluctuate based on prevailing market demand and supply conditions, and could be volatile. Residential consumers may wish to consider buying electricity at the regulated tariff or sign up an electricity plan with a retailer for greater price certainty.

Support Available for Residential Consumers

GST U-Save Rebates

Households who are eligible for GST U-Save rebates can make use of them to offset their utility bills, including electricity. Those living in 1- and 2-room HDB flats typically receive rebates amounting to an average of about 3 to 4 months of their utility bills while those in 3- and 4-room HDB flats could receive rebates amounting to an average of about 1 to 2 months of their utility bills.

Visit the GST U-Save FAQs to find out more.

Energy Conservation

Conserving energy is also another way in which consumers can manage their electricity bills. For instance, households with an advanced electricity meter can understand their electricity consumption patterns and make informed decisions to conserve energy.

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