Essential Systems

 State-of-the-art mission-critical systems are used to monitor and control the supply and transmission of electricity.

Energy Management System

The Energy Management System (EMS) is a state-of-the-art mission-critical computer system. It enables system operators to remotely monitor and control the electricity generation plants and transmission network in Singapore. Its key features include:

  • Real-time Information of Electricity System
    Remote terminal units monitor the generating plants, transmission station equipment and transmission lines. Any abnormal condition or equipment malfunction is immediately detected and transmitted back to the control centre for analysis and action.  
  • Monitoring and Adjustment of Electricity Generation
    The Automatic Generation Control monitors the demand for electricity and automatically adjusts the generators' output every few seconds to match changing demand. It also allows the system operators to manually adjust the output of various generators in the system to meet unexpected changes.
  • Forecasting of Electricity Demand
    A forecast of the half-hourly average system demand for the next 14 days is developed. The forecast is one of the inputs used by the Energy Market Company to produce the projected Market Outlook dispatch schedules and the projected energy/reserve prices.
  • Dispatcher Training Simulator
    A Dispatcher Training Simulator is used to create and simulate scenarios for training the system operators to handle power system emergencies.

Gas Monitoring System

This system gives EMA oversight of the Natural Gas Transmission System operations and can coordinate the responses of the licensees in the event of gas system disruptions. The system interfaces with various licensees’ Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems to gather data on valve status, gas pressure and other critical measurements. Real-time information is then delivered to the Gas Transporter, LNG terminal and Onshore Receiving Facilities Operators.

This process is important as about 95 percent of Singapore electricity is generated using gas. This goes towards "keeping the lights on".

The system also has specialised software for real-time analysis of the gas system dynamics. This helps EMA pre-empt and respond to emergency situations projected to have a potential impact on the electricity system.  

Interruptible Load Monitoring System

The Interruptible Load Monitoring System monitors near real-time availability and performance of Interruptible Load facilities participating in the National Electricity Market of Singapore (NEMS). It is also used to monitor for compliance, such as the ability to curtail load within a stipulated time frame.

Distributed Generator Monitoring System

The Distributed Generation (DG) Monitoring System monitors near real-time availability of DG facilities. If a DG is a Generation Registered Facility participating in NEMS, it is also checked for compliance with dispatch instructions.


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