Get an overview of EMA's regulations and market registration schemes that apply to your solar PV.

Overview of payment schemes for solar consumers


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. Refer to the table below for more details about the schemes. 

What are the payment schemes available for consumers generating solar energy?

Types of Payment SchemeDetails  
Simplified Credit Treatment Scheme (SCT) EMA has simplified the market registration process for Non-Contestable Consumers (NCC) to directly register with SP Services.

Under the SCT, NCCs that sell any excess energy to the market will be paid at the prevailing tariff minus grid charges.

More information on SCT can be found here
Enhanced Central Intermediary Scheme (ECIS)EMA has introduced the ECIS where Contestable Consumers (CCs) can register with SP Services directly, thus reducing regulatory barriers and administrative matters.

Under the ECIS, CCs that sell any excess energy to the market will be paid at the prevailing half-hourly wholesale energy prices

More information on ECIS can be found here
Register as a Market Participant (Non-Exporting)
EMA has introduced a new class of Market Participant (Intermittency Generation Sources Non-Exporting) category. Under this category, consumers will undergo a streamlined market registration process where they are not required to provide credit support or to submit generation meter readings to Energy Market Company (EMC). Consumers will not be paid for injecting any excess energy to the grid.

Consumers are required to pay EMC an estimated fixed charge on the IGS capacity only every six months. This will be based on a standardised IGS Generation Profile for all consumers.

More information can be found here

Register as a Market Participant
Consumers with solar installations will need to register as a Market Participant with Energy Market Company, subject to the relevant Market Rules. Any excess energy solar sold back to the market will be paid at the respective nodal price.

More information can be found here

*Contestable Consumers (CCs) are those that can choose to buy electricity from a retailer of their choice or directly from the wholesale electricity market.

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