Hiring Licensed Electrical Workers

Hiring Licensed Electrical Workers for your Safety

Electrical work, whether at home or the office, should be carried out or supervised by a Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW). This includes:

  • Installation, repair or modification of electrical wiring;
  • Addition, extension or replacement of electrical power points like  socket-outlets, switches or lighting points; and
  • Repair or replacement of consumer control units or circuit breakers.

Electrical work carried out by unlicensed electrical workers may pose safety risks and  cause damage to property or injury to person.

Classes of Licensed Electrical Workers (LEWs)

There are 3 classes  of LEWs. They are:

  • Licensed Electricians
  • Licensed Electrical Technicians
  • Licensed Electrical Engineers

The class of LEWs to engage will depend on the scale of the electrical installation. For example, electrical work in a HDB flat will require the services of an electrician, while larger electrical installations like a food court will require the services of an electrical technician or even an electrical engineer.

Classes of LEWs Scale of Electrical Installations
Electrician Not Exceeding 45 kVA   
Electrical Technician

Not Exceeding 150 kVA (Design)

Not Exceeding 500 kVA (Operation)
Electrical Engineer No Limit


Check If a Worker Holds a Valid Licence

All LEWs are issued with a card.  This card includes the licensed worker’s photograph and it shows his name, identity card number and licence number.

Do verify the LEW’s card before commencing electrical work at your home or office.

1) Electrician's Licence

2) Electrical Technician's Licence

3) Electrical Engineer's Licence

Search for Licenced Electrical Workers

EMA issues licences for workers who are qualified to work on electrical installations, to ensure that electrical installations are safe.

Consumers seeking an electrical worker or engineer may search for licensed persons to carry out the work on the e-Licence Information Services (ELISE) website.

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