Singapore’s energy sector is being disrupted, driven by technological advancements and climate change. Declining costs of clean energy have also spurred investments, altering the way we generate, distribute and use energy. To enable a greener, decentralised and digital energy future for Singapore, EMA will continue to work with the industry and research community to: 

  • Catalyse Research & Innovation: To enable the integration of more clean energy into our power system, help reduce energy demand and strengthen grid resilience in support of Singapore Green Plan 2030.
  • Support Enterprise Development: To strengthen the translation of ideas into new market opportunities and nurture a vibrant energy ecosystem.
  • Facilitate Deployment of Promising Solutions: To address industry-relevant challenges, and help our local enterprises build track record and international competitiveness through strategic partnerships.

Watch two videos on how EMA has been working with the industry and research community to co-create innovative energy storage systems (ESS) (link) and digital solutions (link) to achieve Singapore Green Plan 2030. The Project Showcase (link) also provides a list of R&D projects that EMA has supported. 


New Energy Opportunities

EMA rolls out competitive grant calls to catalyse applied R&D of innovative technologies and solutions. This aims to address industry-relevant challenges and opportunities in the energy sector that lead to long-term solutions for Singapore's energy challenges. Over the past ten years, EMA has awarded over $100 million in grants, benefiting over 60 companies and 20 Institutes of Higher Learning/Research Institutes.

The grant call below is open for application. For enquiries, please email us at


 Grant Call    Aim  Downloads
Second Genco Energy Efficiency Grant Call (2021) To encourage generation companies to invest in energy efficient equipment/technologies that can improve their heat rate and energy efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions. Link

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