Licensed Workers/Installation Licences

Electrical Worker Licence

All electrical work must be undertaken or carried out by a licensed electrical worker. Such work have to be tested before the supply is turned on. These include:

  • New wiring
  • Rewiring
  • Extensions

There are 3 classes of electrical worker licence, namely:
  • Electrician's Licence
  • Electrical Technician's Licence
  • Electrical Engineer's Licence
Apply for an Electrical Worker Licence.

Electrical Installation Licence

An electrical installation refers to any electrical wiring, fitting or apparatus used for the conveyance and control of electricity in any premises.

You are required to obtain an electrical installation licence when you use or operate an electrical installation of approved load exceeding 45 kVA for non-domestic purposes.

Electrical installations in premises used for 'hazardous trades', irrespective of their approved loads, are also required to be licensed.

You are required to appoint a licensed electrical worker (LEW) of appropriate class to take charge of the electrical installation. Your appointed LEW will submit the licence application online using EMA's e-Licence Information Services (ELISE).  

Cable Detection Worker Licence

To minimise damages to electricity cables, it is a mandatory requirement to perform cable detection work prior to the commencement of any earth works. Cable detection work must be carried out by a licensed cable detection worker.

Apply for a Cable Detection Worker Licence.

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