Power System Operator

As the Power System Operator (PSO), EMA is responsible for the reliable supply of electricity to consumers, as well as the operation of the power system in Singapore. The Power System Control Centre (PSCC) functions as the nerve centre of the electricity generation and transmission system. PSCC system operators look after the electricity transmission system and generators in power stations. They also ensure system security round the clock.

As the natural gas and power systems are closely interlinked, PSO also oversees the operation of the natural gas transmission system.

To ensure future electricity generation and transmission capacities remain adequate and reliable, PSO carries out power system studies. Additionally, it assesses the impact of new generating plants as well as the expansion plans of electricity and gas transmission licensees. 

Essential Systems

Singapore's supply and transmission of electricity is monitored and controlled with the help of state-of-the-art mission critical systems. These include the Energy Management System, Gas Monitoring System and Planning and Analysis System. Find out more

System Planning

Detailed system planning is needed to ensure Singapore’s power system remains secure and reliable. This involves looking into large-concentrated and small-distributed generating plants, electricity transmission network, control and communication facilities. Find out more

System Operation

Our teams of system operators monitor and control the electricity generation and transmission system, as well as the gas transmission system around the clock. Working on eight hour shift, each team is led by an experienced Control Manager and assisted by four Technical Executives. The Power System Operation Procedures and Singapore's Electricity Emergency Plan outline the standards and procedures that industry players must comply with to maintain a secure and reliable electricity system. Find out more

Activities in the National Electricity Market of Singapore

PSO works with various market participants to ensure compliance with operational standards and obligations. These are done through facility registration, dispatch instructions, compliance monitoring, adequacy and security assessments, and dispute management. Find out more

Budget and Fees

PSO is required to publish the finalised budget and fees for five consecutive fiscal years. These cover major operating expenditures such as manpower, rental, utilities, system maintenance, equipment depreciation and corporate services. Under the Market Rules, it is mandatory in the event of under or over recovery at the end of each fiscal year to publish the revised expenditure and revenue requirements as well as schedule of fees for the remainder of the current five-year fiscal period. This should be carried out as soon as is reasonable. Find out more

Operation Statistics

Key statistics are reviewed relating to power system operations such as System Demand, Plant Mix, Fuel Mix, Electricity Generated, Generating Plants Availability, Transmission System Availability, Interruptible Load and Load Centre Demand. Find out more

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