Renewable energy, also known as “renewables”, is energy generated from natural resources that can be replenished. These include solar, wind, geothermal and hydro.

In Singapore, we have limited renewable energy options. There are no hydro resources, our wind speeds and mean tidal range are low, and geothermal energy is not economically viable. Solar energy remains the most viable renewable energy option for Singapore when it becomes commercially viable. Being in the tropical sun belt, Singapore enjoys an average annual solar irradiance of 1,580 kWh/m2/year.

Facilitating the Deployment of Renewable Energy in Singapore

In anticipation of the deployment of more renewables in our grid as technology improves and prices fall, the Government has provided funding for research and development efforts in this area. These include efforts to aid the industry’s capability development on potentially promising renewable technologies in Singapore. More information can be found on EDB’s website.

EMA will continue to proactively enhance our market and regulatory framework to facilitate the deployment of such renewable energy sources.

Our approach to promoting sustainable energy can be summarised into the 4 “R”s.

  • Right Pricing: We believe in pricing energy right to incentivise efficient use of energy. 
  • Regulation Reduction: We will continue to streamline our existing regulations and processes to facilitate solar deployment.
  • Raising Demand: With Government taking the lead, the SolarNova initiative aggregates public sector demand for solar PV.
  • Research and Development: The Singapore government partners with industry and the research community to test-bed solutions that will enable us to better manage the intermittency challenges posed by renewables. This will allow us to accommodate more renewables in our energy mix while maintain system stability and reliability.
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