Safe Use of Gas

Piped gas is safe and convenient for cooking and heating appliances when used properly. Follow the safety instructions and tips to keep your home safe!

Periodic Inspection Programme for Gas Installation In Commercial Premises

This programme is administered by SP PowerGrid Ltd for the purpose of ensuring that gas continues to be supplied and used safely.

Premises owners/Building owners/MCSTs/Retail Consumers are required to engage a Licensed Gas Service Worker (LGSW) or Professional Engineer (PE) whichever is applicable, to inspect and certify that the gas installation in the premises is safe for use.

A Certificate of Fitness must also be submitted to SP PowerGrid Ltd. SP PowerGrid Ltd will remind all relevant parties on the inspection and certification as the due date approaches.

Failure to comply in both instances may result in a termination of gas supply for safety reasons.

  •  To ensure there is no disruption of gas supply to your business operations,
  •   Take note of your annual inspection date for your gas installation,
  •  Engage an LGSW or a PE to certify that your gas installation is safe for use, and
  •  Ensure that the LGSW/PE issues a Certificate of Fitness, a copy of which shall be submitted to  SP PowerGrid. 

Visit our FAQs for more information

Engage a Licensed Gas Service Worker to Perform all Piped Gas Service Work

A licensed worker will have a card licence issued by the Energy Market Authority (EMA). Check if a person is a licensed worker.

Take Safety Precautions during Renovation

When renovating your home, you should temporarily cut off your gas supply before commencement of renovation works by contacting City Energy.

Alternatively, you can turn off all gas appliances such as gas cookers or gas water heaters and check that the gas meter is not ticking. If the meter is ticking or you smell gas, turn off the gas valve located at the gas meter and contact City Energy at 1800 752 1800 immediately.

Certify the Piped Gas Appliance is Safe for Use

All piped gas appliances are required to be installed by a licensed worker. The licenced worker should issue a written statement certifying that your gas appliance has been tested and is safe for use.

If you find your piped gas appliance is not working, consult your gas appliance supplier, or Call City Energy at 1800 555 1661, or a licensed worker for advice. 

Other Gas Safety Tips

  • Keep all combustible materials such as newspapers or clothes away from any gas appliance such as your cooker
  • Open your windows when cooking. Ensure there is no popping sound from the cooker when using it. Keep your cooker clean and in good working order
  • Do not leave the cooker unattended when cooking i.e. Ensure that pots on the cooker do not boil over
  • Always purchase a gas cooker with a SAFETY Mark
  • Ensure there is no smell of gas coming from any gas appliance
  • Keep access to the gas meter control valve clear from obstruction

If you detect a Gas Leak, please do the following:

  • Turn off the gas meter control valve
  • Open all windows and doors for ventilation
  • Extinguish any cigarettes or flames
  • Do not switch on or switch off any electrical switches
  • Do not try to detect gas leak with a naked flame
  • Do not use any electronic devices such as a cellphone in the vicinity of a gas leak
  • If all else fails, leave the house if there is still a strong smell of gas

Call the 24-Hr Gas Emergency Hotline at Tel:1800 752 1800 to report any suspected gas leak.

Visit SP Group's website for gas safety posters and videos

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