System Operation

EMA, as the Power System Operator (PSO), has teams of system operators who monitor and control the electricity generation and transmission system around the clock. Working on eight-hour shifts daily, each team is led by an experienced Control Manager and supported by Technical Executives. They are tasked to:

  • Control the generating operators’ output and regulate system frequency,
  • Regulate system voltages and direct power flows through the Transmission System,
  • Liaise with the market operator and market participants on dispatch schedules & compliance to dispatch instructions; and
  • Supervise the operation of the natural gas transmission system as there is high interdependency between this and the power system.

When there is a power system disturbance, officers on duty will activate contingency plan to stabilise, before returning the power system to a normal operating state. If there is an electricity supply disruption, crisis management plans will be activated to restore supply.

The System Operation Manual and the Singapore Electricity Emergency Plan list the standards, policies and standing operating procedures that all relevant licensees have to comply with. 

System Operation Manual

The manual provides system operation procedures which PSO, market participants and other relevant operating facilities must comply with. The manual describes how the power system should be operated to deliver the desired level of reliability and security. It consolidates the operational procedures and associated forms, standards and policies. 

Where there is a discrepancy between the requirements in the manual and Market Rules, the Market Rules prevail. Standards and policies appended to, or referenced in, these procedures provide a supporting framework. The requirements described in the various sections of the manual are supplementary. They do not authorise any departure from the Transmission Code, Market Rules and Electricity Act.

Emergency Management

PSO develops and maintains the necessary system operating procedures to manage a power system crisis. The operator is required to develop and maintain the Singapore Electricity Emergency Plan and the Singapore Power System Restoration Plan.

These plans detail the planning, testing, required information, emergency procedures such as load reduction, load restoration and communication protocols. These are necessary to implement effective emergency responses and restore the power system.

The plans also provide guidance on the emergency setup organised and various actions to be implemented and co-ordinated by PSO with the relevant licensees.


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