Our Clean Energy Future: Resilient, Sustainable, Competitive

Updated on 1 April 2023, our Vision statement encapsulates a shared aspiration belonging not just to EMA but everyone in Singapore. The statement also reflects the need to manage the Energy Trilemma, which forms the cornerstone of our work. Navigating the challenges to deliver resilient, sustainable, competitive energy will require the collective effort of all in Singapore.


Building sustainable, resilient, dynamic, and efficient energy markets and systems

Our Mission statement embodies the fundamental elements required in our energy markets and systems to achieve our Vision. We strive to create these building blocks as we perform our multifaceted role as developer and regulator of the energy industry, as well as the planner and operator of the energy system.

  • Building sustainable energy markets and systems: Decarbonising our energy mix through the Four Switches, actively managing energy demand, and evolving our power grid to better balance demand and supply.
  • Building resilient energy markets and systems: Strengthening our markets to secure fuel supply and power generation capacity, and enhancing our systems to maintain our world-class system reliability.
  • Building dynamic energy markets and systems: Championing energy innovation, grooming talent in the energy sector, and collaborating with international partners to overcome energy challenges.
  • Building efficient energy markets and systems: Promoting the use of efficient technologies, optimising our energy costs, and fostering a financially sustainable energy sector.


We care. We innovate. We work as a team.

Our three core values - Caring, Innovation and Teamwork - are part of everything we do.

  • Caring
    We respect and care for one another, and value our differences.
  • Innovation
    We constantly challenge ourselves to improve the status quo, try new ideas and devise creative solutions.
  • Teamwork
    All EMA people are part of a team, committed to working together to achieve our collective goals.  

As part of the Singapore Public Service, we also share the ethos of the public service and uphold its core values of Integrity, Service and Excellence.

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