Second Request for Proposal (RFP2)

EMA has issued the second Request for Proposal (RFP2) on 1 July 2022.

Interested participants may submit their non-binding proposals any time before 29 December 2023, 3pm (Singapore time) to EMA. Potential importers will have to demonstrate their supply reliability, credibility, track record, cost-competitiveness, and ability to supply and manage the carbon output of their power generation supply. Proposals for electricity supplied using coal-fired generation technologies will not be accepted.

Please refer to the following document for more details.


Streamlining of RFP1 and RFP2

EMA has received requests from RFP1 participants for more time to develop their proposals. To accommodate these requests, EMA has combined RFP1 with RFP2. Proposals that have been submitted under RFP1 will automatically be considered under RFP2, without having to be submitted afresh. With this streamlined RFP process, Singapore remains on track to meet our imports target of 4GW by 2035.

Process of Granting Importer Licence

As indicated in the RFP2 document, EMA may provide conditional approval to participants with proposals that are sufficiently attractive and suitable. Learn more about EMA's process of granting an importer licence as part of the RFP.


SP Group's involvement in electricity imports

Parties who are interested to purchase electricity from import projects may find out more about SP Group's involvement in electricity imports.


Contacts of companies that have indicated interest in electricity imports

Parties who are interested to purchase electricity from import projects may contact the companies in the table below.

Note: This list is non-exhaustive and for informational purposes only. EMA does not endorse any of the companies listed and reserves the right to amend and update the list.

Company Name of Contact Point Email
Adaro Solar International Pte. Ltd.
Mr Christopher Phong
Annica Holdings Limited / Industrial Engineering Systems Pte Ltd Ms Sandra Liz Hon, Mr Steve Phuah;
Calypte Energy Pte Ltd Mr Han Fook Kwang
China Energy Green Technology Pte Ltd
Mr James Kho
China Southern Power Grid International (HK) Co., Limited
Mr Wu Fang, Mr Chen Wu;
Destiny Energy Pte Ltd Mr Vijay Sirse
Diamond Electric Pte. Ltd Mr Dallon Kay
Fresh Air Energy VII Pte. Ltd.
Dr. Abhinava Moreddy
Gurin Energy Pte Ltd
Jeremy Ong
Hero Future Energies Asia Pte Ltd
Mr Oman Singh
Jinko Power (HK) Company Limited
Mr Kartikeya Singh
ib vogt (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Mr Joost van Acht 
Keppel Electric Pte Ltd
Mr Tan Jian Hui
Keppel Renewable Energy Pte Ltd
Mr Kenny Tan
LS Electric Co., Ltd (Singapore Branch)
Mr Lee Changkee
Ms Adeline Lee
Neuto Pte Ltd
Mr Andy Low
PacificLight Power Pte Ltd
Ms Clare Savereux
Sembcorp Power Pte Ltd Ms Margareth Charles
Sembcorp Utilities Pte. Ltd.
Ms Kristine Lee
Senoko Energy Pte Ltd
Mr Marcus Tan
Shell Eastern Trading Pte Ltd
Mr Lee Kuan Ming
Mr Lenard Lou;
State Grid International Development Co., Ltd
Mr Li Xinglei
Mr Li Shuang
Sun Cable (Singapore) Assets Pte Ltd Mr Mitesh Patel
Sunseap Batam Pte Ltd
Mr Robin Pho,
Ms Nikita Yu;
Total Energies Renewables DG
Mr Lorenzo Mancini
Tuas Power Generation Pte Ltd
Mr Gerald Ng
Union Energy Corporation Pte Ltd
Mr Dylan Ng
YTL Renewables Pte Ltd
Mr Lim Han Kwang,
Mr Ang Yi;
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