EMA-KETEP Partnership

Singapore and the Republic of Korea have established a collaboration to pursue and promote partnerships in the areas of smart grids and energy technologies.Under this collaboration, EMA and the Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP) launched two grant calls in 2019 and 2020, and awarded two projects. 

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EMA-KETEP Joint Grant Call 2019 Development of Next Generation Lithium-ion ESS solution & Smart Distributed ESS Management Application for Fire Hazard Mitigation Under Hot-Humid Climatic ConditionProject will develop novel hybrid ESS by coupling the lithium-ion batteries with lithium-ion capacitors to increase their performance. It will also develop a Smart Distributed ESS Management System (SDEMS) designed for Singapore's hot and humid climate. The SDEMS will come with an artificial intelligence (AI) correction model to optimise ESS charging for better battery stability and fire safety.

Principal Investigator: Yong Ping Quen, Building System and Diagnostics Pte Ltd

- Regentech Pte Ltd
- Singapore Institute of Technology

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EMA-KETEP Joint Grant Call 2020Development Of Near-Shore Floating PV Solar Islands: Novel Floating Structure, 1.1MWp Demonstration and Cross-Country Climatic ComparisonProject will develop novel floating systems and anti-biofouling technologies to enable floating PV to be deployed in a less sheltered site with harsher environmental conditions. The test-bed will be Singapore's first deep water floating PV, comprising 1MWp of solar PV and 100kWh of floating ESS, at a site which is exposed to open seas and seabed depth of up to 90m.Principal Investigator: Frank Phuan, Sunseap Energy Ventures Pte Ltd

- Solar  Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS), National University of Singapore (NUS)
- G8 Subsea Pte Ltd
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