Interruptible Load Programme

Interruptible Load (IL) enables contestable consumers to be on standby to reduce their electricity demand during conditions of tight power generation supply, in exchange for payment. Such reductions typically take place when additional resources can improve system reliability.

Benefits of the IL Programme

The IL brings about several benefits. These include:

  • Providing an additional option for consumers to be rewarded for participating in the electricity market, through participation in the reserves market. IL participants are paid the clearing price for contingency reserves every period to be on standby in the case of tight power generation supply. Recent historical data is available on the Energy Market Company’s website. No additional payment is given out in the event of an activation.
  • Increased competition in the reserve market due to more available reserve capacity, leading to lower cost for the system to procure reserves.
  • Generation capacity currently set aside for reserves can be freed up, enabling our generators to run more efficiently.


If you are a contestable consumer and can offer to reduce your electricity consumption, you can participate in the IL Programme through your electricity retailer or a Demand Response Aggregator.

For more information on the IL programme and what has changed under the new Sandbox framework, please refer to the factsheet.

For enquiries on the IL programme, please complete this form and we will get back to you.

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