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Empowering Households to Be More Energy Efficient

05 Nov 2019
Media Releases 05 Nov 2019
  1. The Energy Market Authority (EMA), the Ministry of the Environment, Water Resources (MEWR) and SP Group today announced three new initiatives aimed at empowering households to use electricity more efficiently. These initiatives are:
    • Advanced meters that will give all household consumers access to their half-hourly electricity usage via the SP Utilities mobile app
    • Enhanced SP Utilities mobile app to encourage households to adopt sustainable habits and save electricity
    • Customised reports on households’ electricity consumption and energy saving tips
  2. These initiatives are part of a national drive towards greater energy efficiency for a more sustainable energy future.This is part of the Energy Story which Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing spoke about at the Singapore International Energy Week 2019. (Refer to Annex A for the Energy Story Infographic.)
  3. Access to electricity consumption data with advanced meters

  4. Currently, the analogue electricity meters installed at households are read manually once every two months, and households are billed based on estimated and actual consumption on alternate months. EMA, together with SP Group, will be deploying advanced electricity meters at all households in Singapore. With advanced electricity meters, households can access and track their half-hourly electricity consumption via the SP Utilities mobile app provided by SP Group.This will allow them to better understand their consumption patterns and reduce their usage to be more energy efficient.
  5. As at end September 2019, about 290,000 advanced meters have already been deployed at households across Singapore. These meters were installed at new residential buildings and when the analogue meters were due for replacement. The remaining 1.1 million households will have advanced meters installed within the next 5 years. (Refer to Annex B for the FAQs on Advanced Meters.)
  6. Mr Ngiam Shih Chun, Chief Executive of EMA, said: "Everyone can do their part to use electricity in smarter and more efficient ways for a more sustainable energy future. With advanced electricity meters, all households can have more timely information on their electricity usage which will help them be more energy efficient and lower their electricity bills."
  7. Enhancements to SP Utilities mobile app to reward energy-efficient households

  8. EMA has worked with SP Group to enhance its SP Utilities mobile app to provide more timely and useful information to help households to be more energy conscious and efficient. This includes the launch of the GreenUP initiative by SP Group. Under this initiative, households can take up the Energy Savings Challenge to reduce their monthly electricity consumption. Households can also earn "leaves" when adopting sustainable habits such as opting for electronic billing and inviting families and friends to join them in their green endeavours. The "leaves" earned will allow them to progress through different levels to redeem shopping rewards from CapitaLand malls. (More information on the GreenUP initiative can be found in Annex C.)
  9. Mr Wong Kim Yin, Group Chief Executive Officer, SP Group said: "We are constantly adding new features and tools on the SP Utilities app. Our aim is to inform, engage and empower customers to be more energy efficient. Soon, our consumers can use the Carbon Footprint Tracker in our app to determine their carbon footprint. With these tools, everyone can take action and make changes to their lifestyle habits towards a more sustainable future."
  10. Customised reports on households' electricity consumption behaviour

  11. Starting December 2019, EMA and MEWR will start a six-month study involving 1,000 households in Jurong who already have advanced meters. Participating households will receive a monthly Customised Household Energy Efficiency Report ("CHEER") during the trial. The CHEER aims to help them understand how their daily habits and activities drive their electricity usage, as well as provide customised energy savings tips to help them save electricity at home.
  12. Mr Albert Chua, Permanent Secretary of MEWR, said: "Through the energy reports, we hope to empower households to make simple, positive changes to their daily routines, such as switching off appliances when not in use. The effort of every Singaporean counts. Together, we can help to reduce Singapore’s carbon footprint and fight climate change."
  13. Members of the public can visit www.spgroup.com.sg for more information on the installation of advanced meters. They can visit the App Store (iPhone users) or Play Store (Android mobile users) to download the SP Utilities mobile app.

Annex A: Annex A for the Energy Story Infographic
Annex B: Frequently Asked Questions on Advanced Meters
Annex C: SP Group’s GreenUP initiative

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