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The Singapore Energy Story offers a glimpse into the past, present and future of our energy landscape. Spanning across four themes -  (1) Accessibility, (2) Reliability, (3) Efficiency and (4) Future Readiness, it will take you through how we Singapore develop its power sector capabilities to what is being done to shape our energy future.

Exhibits in the video can also be downloaded for viewing:

  • Introduction and Timeline (PDF) Lighting up Singapore (Video)
    Do you know when TVs and black-and-white programmes were introduced in Singapore? Browse the Timeline to find out the key milestones of Singapore’s Power Sector development since the 1900s.

  • Accessibility (PDF)
    As a newly independent nation, led by then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, one of our first tasks was to ensure an adequate supply of essential utilities such as electricity. A lot of work, such as PUB’s 10-year Rural Electrification Programme, was done to ensure our homes had access to electricity.

  • Reliability (PDF)
    In the past, residents often experienced brownouts - dim light due to an unstable power supply - and blackouts with complete power failure. Today, Singapore enjoys one of the most stable and reliable electricity systems in the world, with an average interruption time of less than 1 minute per customer per year.

  • Efficiency (PDF)
    To encourage competition and greater efficiency, the focus shifted to liberalising the energy market in the 1990s. Contestable consumers can now enjoy a wider range of electricity packages and more competitive pricing to better meet their needs and manage their electricity costs.

  • Future Readiness (PDF)
    We have come a long way, but our hard work must not stop. We need to continue to develop our energy policies, enhance infrastructure, invest in research and development and build a strong, capable workforce. Read on to explore what Singapore is working on today for a better tomorrow.
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