Request for Proposal for Electricity Imports Trial

EMA has issued a Request-for-Proposal (“RFP”) on 5 March 2021 to appoint an electricity importer (“Importer”) for a trial to import and sell up to 100MW of electricity in Singapore via the existing interconnector between Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia over a period of two years.

The trial aims to test the technical and regulatory frameworks for importing electricity into Singapore. Potential importers will have to demonstrate their supply reliability, credibility and track record, ability to secure demand from Singapore consumers, and manage the carbon output of generation supply. Proposals that propose for electricity imported/supplied from any coal-fired generation will not be accepted.

Interested parties (“Participants”) are invited to submit their proposals to EMA by 30 June 2021, 3pm (Singapore time). Please refer to the RFP document and the Corrigendum for more details.

As an indication of interest, Participants are required to fill in their contact details in Form A of the RFP document and email it to as soon as possible. This is to provide an official contact point between each Participant and EMA. All official information and notifications on the RFP will be disseminated through the official contact points.


No. Clarification Date
1 Clarification 1 9 April 2021
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