Electricity Licences

As the regulator, EMA issues licences to companies who are involved in the generation, retail and transmission of electricity and other activities. These companies each play a different role to ensure that homes, offices and industries have a competitive, secure and reliable supply of electricity.

Generation Companies

Generation companies engage in the generation of electricity by means of one or more generating units of 10 MW or above each. Find out more.


Retailers are companies that retail electricity to contestable consumers. Find out more.


Wholesalers trade electricity in the wholesale electricity market. Find out more.

Market Support Services Licensee

A Market Support Services Licensee (MSSL) provides services, such as the reading of electricity meters, management of meter data and facilitation of access to a wholesale electricity market, to contestable consumers. It also supplies electricity to non-contestable consumers. Find out more.

Transmission Licensee/Transmission Agent Licensee

SP PowerAssets Ltd owns and manages the electricity transmission system that transmits electricity from the generation companies to consumers.

SP PowerGrid Ltd is the agent appointed by SP PowerAssets Ltd, to transmit electricity for, and on behalf of SP PowerAssets Ltd. SP PowerGrid Ltd is licensed by the EMA as the transmission agent licensee. Find out more.

Market Company

The Energy Market Company is licensed by EMA to operate and administer Singapore’s wholesale electricity market called the National Electricity Market of Singapore. Find out more.

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