Gas Licences

As the regulator, EMA issues licences to companies involved in the transport, shipping, retail and import of gas, as well as operators of the LNG Terminal and onshore receiving facilities for piped natural gas.

Note on Revised Section Numbers in the Electricity Act

Gas Transporter / Gas Transport Agent

The gas transporter, PowerGas Ltd owns and manages the gas pipeline network that conveys gas to gas users. It is also responsible to provide an open  and non-discriminatory access to the gas pipeline network. Find out more

SP PowerGrid Ltd is the agent appointed by PowerGas Ltd to convey gas for and on behalf of PowerGas Ltd. SP PowerGrid Ltd is licensed by the EMA as the gas transport agent. Find out more

Gas Shippers

Gas shippers contract with the gas transporter to convey gas through the gas pipeline network. 
Find out more

Gas Retailers

Gas retailers supply gas to retail consumers. A gas retailer can either arrange for the conveyance of gas directly with a gas transporter as a gas shipper or engage a gas shipper to arrange for the conveyance of gas to its customers. Find out more

Gas Importers

Gas importers import natural gas into Singapore. Find out more

Gas Onshore Receiving Facility Operator

An onshore receiving facility (ORF) is a gas receiving station that prepares the gas for delivery to end users. Find out more

LNG Terminal Operator

An LNG terminal is used to receive, store, re-gasify LNG for delivery to end users through the gas pipeline network and/or reload LNG onto LNG vessels for re-export. Find out more

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