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  • Choices Available for Standard Electricity Price Plans

    09 Mar 2023

    EMA shares how Open Electricity Market allows retailers to offer plans with different features to meet consumers’ preferences, including plans with auto-renewal.

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Past Replies to Forum Letters

  • Govt To Continue To Partner The Private Sector And Other Governments To Meet Energy Needs

    23 Jul 2022

    EMA shares the various efforts in collaborating with like-minded partners in realising the energy sector's decarbonisation.

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  • Steps Taken to Stabilise Prices and Safeguard Energy Security

    24 Jan 2022

    EMA explains what led to the recent volatility in the Singapore Wholesale Electricity Market, which resulted in high prices for consumers. EMA also shared the steps taken to stabilise electricity prices for large business consumers.

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  • Singaporeans have a part to play in transition

    21 Dec 2021

    EMA explains how we work with industry, academia and the public to co-create and develop a vibrant energy landscape.

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  • Singapore looking at 'four switches' during energy transition

    08 Sep 2021

    EMA explains how the four switches will allow Singapore to diversify our energy sources, improve the sustainability of our power supply, and ensure energy security and affordability.

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  • No evidence to suggest floating farms affect environment or weather

    08 May 2021

    EMA and MSE explains that more research is needed to determine the impact of local solar panel deployment on ambient temperatures and the environment.

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  • Solar Energy: Efforts Ongoing to Encourage Adoption

    09 Apr 2021

    EMA explains how homeowners can sell excess solar energy back to the grid and how they are paid for the electricity generated.

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  • Reason for Electricity Tariff Hike

    11 Jan 2020

    EMA explains the reason for the electricity tariff increase.

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  • Transition towards Cleaner Energy - a Collective Effort

    30 Nov 2019

    EMA explains the Government's efforts to scale up solar adoption.

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  • Advanced Electricity Meters for All Homes in Next Five Years

    26 Nov 2019

    EMA highlights the advanced meters initiative

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  • How U-Save Rebates are Used to Offset Power Bills

    29 Jul 2019

    ST published EMA's reply to a forum letter on the U-Save rebate disbursement process for those buying electricity from a retailer.

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