Non-Residential Consumers

With the introduction of Open Electricity Market (OEM) in 2018, all non-residential consumers are able to enjoy more choices and flexibility when buying electricity.

Buy from an Electricity Retailer

At a price plan that best meets your needs

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Buy at the Regulated Tariff

Which is reviewed every quarter

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Buy from the Wholesale Electricity Market

At half-hourly wholesale electricity prices via SP Group

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Regardless of who consumers buy electricity from, electricity supply to their premises will remain the same. This is because SP Group will continue to operate the national power grid and deliver electricity to everyone.

Support Available for Non-Residential Consumers

Electricity Contracting Support
for Consumers with Average Monthly Consumption > 4,000kWh

EMA has worked with power generation companies (gencos) and electricity retailers to provide the following electricity contracting options for large consumers, with average monthly consumption of at least 4,000kWh. These options would provide greater price certainty over wholesale electricity prices, which may be volatile.

These include the monthly fixed price plans under the Temporary Electricity Contracting Support Scheme (TRECS) and other contracting options such as plans with a significant fixed price component. Non-residential consumers with average monthly consumption of 4,000kWh to 50,0000kWh can also consider fixed price plans with contract duration ranging from 6 months to 3 years.

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Managing Energy Demand For Your Organisation

Optimising energy use for your organisation not only helps you to manage your electricity bills, but also benefits Singapore's energy system by shifting energy consumption from peak to non-peak periods. This is known as Demand Side Management (DSM). To check if you can participate in DSM, try this Self-Assessment Checklist.

One of the DSM initiatives is the Demand Response Programme, introduced by EMA to enhance competition in the wholesale electricity market. If you are currently buying electricity from the wholesale electricity market, you can consider this programme as a way of reducing your energy consumption, and lower your operating costs with incentive payments. Read more about the Demand Response Programme.

If your premises are already installed with advanced electricity meters, make use of the data provided to understand your electricity consumption patterns and make informed decisions to conserve energy. Industrial facilities can also tap on the National Environment Agency (NEA)'s Energy Efficiency Fund to improve energy efficiency.

Advisory for Small Non-Residential Consumers Buying from the Wholesale Electricity Market

For greater price certainty, non-residential consumers with average monthly consumption of less than 4,000kWh may wish to consider switching to the regulated tariff or an electricity plan with a retailer.

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