Energy Balance

Chapter 04

Electricity Balance

In 2020, Singapore generated 53.1 TWh of electricity. Of these, 91.1% (or 48.4 TWh) was generated by Main Power Producers*, while the remaining 8.9% (or 4.7 TWh) was by Autoproducers. Own-use and losses in the Transformation** sector amounted to 2.3 TWh.

The Industrial-related and Commerce & Services-related sectors accounted for 41.3% (or 21.0 TWh) and 36.4% (or 18.5 TWh) of Singapore’s total electricity consumption of 50.8 TWh in 2020 respectively. Household and the Transport-related sectors contributed to 16.1% (or 8.2 TWh) and 5.5% (or 2.8 TWh) of total electricity consumption respectively.

*Refers to enterprises that produce electricity but for whom the production is not their principal activity.
**Shows how energy is transformed, transferred, and used by energy industries for their own use and losses in distribution and transmission.

*Data for 2021 is as at Jun-21.

Natural Gas Balance

The total Natural Gas supply in Singapore was 416,390.3 TJ in 2020. This was contributed by an import of 414,553.1 TJ of Natural Gas into Singapore and a stock draw of 1,837.1 TJ from the inventory.

About 360,505.4 TJ of Natural Gas, representing 86.6% of total Natural Gas supply, was used for power generation in 2020. Another 68,591.4 TJ of Natural Gas, which included Town Gas, was consumed directly by end-consumers.

The Industrial-related sector accounted for 90.3% (or 61,945.0 TJ) of total Natural Gas consumption by end-users. The remainder was consumed primarily by users in the Commerce & Services-related sector (4.7% or 3,246.1 TJ) and by Households (4.7% or 3,191.0 TJ).