Chapter 06

Installed Capacity & Number of Grid-Connected Solar PV Systems

Grid-connected installed capacity grew significantly from 10.1 MWp in 2012 to 384.1 MWp as at end Q1 2020.

Installed Capacity and Number of Solar PV Systems (As at end period)

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The majority of solar PV capacity by end Q1 2020 was accounted for by non-residential private-sector installations (52.6% of total installed capacity or 202.3 MWp), town councils and grassroots units (38.6% or 148.3 MWp). Public-sector installations (20.4 MWp) and residential installations (13.1 MWp) contributed to the remaining solar PV capacity.

There was a total of 4,116 solar PV installations in Singapore as at end Q1 2020. Town councils and grassroots units accounted for 53.4% (or 2,199) of total installations, followed by the residential (31.8% or 1,308) installations and private-sector (11.4% or 471) installations. The public sector constituted the remaining 3.4% (or 138) of total installations.

Installed Capacity & Number of PVs by User Type (as at end period)

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Solar PV Installations by Planning Region

At the end of Q1 2020, the western region of Singapore had the highest solar PV capacity totalling 174.8 MWp from 939 installations. This was 46.4% of the total installed capacity of 376.8 MWp in the same period. The western region also houses the majority of Singapore’s non-residential solar PV installations (874 installations or 32% of total non-residential panels). As these panels have significantly higher installed capacity, the non-residential installed capacity contribution from this region was disproportionately larger (174MWp or 47.8% of non-residential solar capacity) when compared with the corresponding share of installations.

In contrast, the bulk of Singapore’s residential solar PV systems (557 installations or 42.6% of all residential installations) are located in the north-eastern region with a disproportionately smaller installed capacity contribution (3.1MWp or 23.7% of total residential installed capacity) due to lower panel capacities.

Distribution of Solar Installations in Singapore